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Welcome to PantherPouch!

UPDATE! (26 July 2013) Jockstrap art update! Say hello to Linkin Monroe! Yes! SAY HELLO! And, Welcome WolfTweak as the new PantherPouch Model for the Hipsters and Squarecuts! :3

(11 February 2013) Shipping rates have changed! Added FAQ! Hipsters available! Used too many exclamation points!

(25 November 2012) Panel Briefs currently available by auction! Check out the Panel Briefs page for more information.

(9 September 2012) New item added with New Model. Welcome Pat The Cat modeling the Complex Jockstrap. Head on over to the Jockstrap page to see the new item! Stay tuned, the Panel Briefs are coming soon. >:3

(18 June 2012) New model photo added to the Jockstrap! Go thank Kaji for being so sexie! :3

(15 April 2012) New Ringer Style Squarecuts!

(9 December 2011) New Order Tracking Sheet Added! See the link at left or click here!

(6 September 2011) PantherPouch undergoing reconstruction! Let me know if something is broken. See email link below. :3

(27 Sept 2010) PantherPouch now on a new server! Things might be broken for a while, but they will be back to normal shortly.

(17 Aug 2010) New Consept Image for Sheer Shorts! Introducing Giovanni and his stylish pose for PantherPouch!

(8 May 2010): Squarecut Briefs Added and ready for sale! Clear your cache and Click Here or go to the Underwear page! :)

(7 April 2010) New Quote System and Mailing List added! Go check it out on the Left! If you dont see the changes clear your cache. :)