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Better swimwear for a better you. Well... not so much a better you but a looking better you *wink*. The Hipsters are specificly designed to double as underwear and swimsuit.

While most boxerbriefs are made to cover up what you got, the Hipsters have a lifting pouch in the front to help you look your best in the water and around the pool.

Price: 20$ + Material

Single Color: 0$
Black with Colored Pouch*: 2$

*Shimmer Spandex only.


Availabe Materials


Royal Blue (Shimmer) Neon Pink (Shimmer) Electric Blue (Shimmer) Sunfire Yellow (Shimmer) Neon Green (Shimmer)
BubbleGum Pink Royal Red (Shimmer) Powder Blue Royal Purple(Shimmer) Black (Shimmer)