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Panel Briefs

Wanna rave?

Everyone wants to cut loose in the club, but sometimes cutting loose means loosing your pants! The Panel Briefs are designed similar to the PantherPouch Jockstrap but offer full coverage in the backside. While they offer full covered front and back, they are very (very!) low cut in the front and offer boosting support to make your boys look good. >:3

Each pair is made with a full color cod and panel piece with a black frame. Only available in Shimmer Spandex.

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Availabe Materials


Royal Blue (Shimmer) Neon Pink (Shimmer) Electric Blue (Shimmer) Sunfire Yellow (Shimmer) Neon Green (Shimmer)
BubbleGum Pink Royal Red (Shimmer) Powder Blue Royal Purple(Shimmer) Black (Shimmer)