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SquareCut Briefs

Built to be a glove for your... uhh... butt!

You like boxerbriefs? Wanting something a little more skimpy but have the support and the feel of a bathing suit? Then this is what you want!

Unlike boxerbriefs, the legs are shorter and are lowrise. These are only made out of swimsuit-grade spandex.

Solid Color: 20$
Black w/ Colored Side Stripe*: 23$
Cod'n'Stripe*: 25$
Ringer Style*: 25$

*Shimmer Spandex colors only


Availabe Materials


Royal Blue (Shimmer) Neon Pink (Shimmer) Electric Blue (Shimmer) Sunfire Yellow (Shimmer) Neon Green (Shimmer)
BubbleGum Pink Royal Red (Shimmer) Powder Blue Royal Purple(Shimmer) Black (Shimmer)